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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 15, 2011 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. right now the webster tube is closed in alameda and police are searching for the driver of this vehicle, we will tell you more coming up. we will tell you what sent water in an oakland neighbor shooting into the air. why a local dog owner wants to split a local park in two to protect smaller dogs. michele bachmann is coming to the area and you will be able to meet her. that's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. >> complete bay area coverage this is ktvu channel 2 news. >> welcome, good morning, it is september 15th i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. steve how is the weather? >> it will get chewed up but on parts of the coast it will not
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be too warm. strong on shore wind southwestly win means 60s and 70s away from the coast here is sal. traffic on interstate 880 is of moving along nicely no major problems driving into downtown oakland. if you are going inland, traffic looks good on the downtown bridge. he just arrived on the scene and has a look at -- she has a look at what is going on claude dean? >> reporter: it all centers than car next to me. alameda police say this vehicle got into a crash and they believe this vehicle was going to fast. it hit both walls of the tube and dime a stop near this tow truck. what happens next a toyota
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coming through the tube hits it and that's what did most of the damage you are seeing to the back of this vehicle when the car spun around again. now i talked with the driver who hit this car but he was shake ken up. -- shaken up. obviously it caused a big mess and they are in the process of cleaning up here. they are getting this cleared up and the tow truck is getting ready to pull this vehicle away but they are trying to figure out who was in the car. they have learned this car is registered locally. they are tracking it and the good news is they hope to do it soon as soon as they get this vehicle loaded up and out of here as they get this traffic through as the morning commute wears on. time now 5:01 just hours ago a broken water line caused a big mess in one oakland neighborhood. >> boy, look at that, shortly
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after midnight this water-main on east 19th burst. you can see the water shooting high into the air. a woman who lives nearby didn't mind in fact she jumped in saying she found the gushing water refreshing. it took two hours for them to fix that water line. the methods for testing pipelines are not as strict as other agencies. they are reporting fire marshalls office has tougher guidelines. they carry liquid petroleum products and handle 5 100,000 miles each for each pipeline compared to one fire marshall inspector. it happened after 5:00 and the fire burned 50 acres but no structures were threatened and nobody was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. the time now 5:03 a real
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dog fight is brewing in one bay area park. kraig debro is live in berkeley with details about aggressive dogs making a lot of people nervous. >> reporter: he claims his dog has been attacked at least one time. it stretch the on sacramento on dr. martin luther king, jr. i can't see the smaller print but the owner says people should watch their dogs at all time. you can see how long it is, it is at least for yards but this one resident said he his dog and other dogs have been attacked. he has seen other dogs attacked. he took his complaint to the city council. he wants to split it in two. he wants to have one part for the smaller dogs and one part
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for the larger dogs. part of the rules people should take care of their dogs and if that is not happening i want to get a chance to talk to him early this morning. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann comes to the area to campaign. the minnesota congresswoman meets at 9:15 to have breakfast with private voters. the new field pole of the presidential race shows republican voters bucking the national trend. 2 % of those surveyed -- 28% of those surveyed like mitt romney. sarah palin comes in third. that is even though she has not officially entered the race. other candidates had more than 7% in this survey.
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of the other poles president barack obama has double digit leads over romanian perry. the president has a bigger lead to mitt romney. the earthquake struck off japan's northeast coast, the same area where the magnitude 9. 0 magnitude in march. there was no tsunami and no reports of injury or damage. libyan rebels are welcoming the first to visit trip left french president nicolas sarkozy appeared at a press conference with representatives of the national transition council. coming up we will have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with what the two
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leaders are urging the lynn why not -- libya not to do. we are still waiting on when the two uc graduates will be released for shane bauer and josh fattal. yesterday's iran's judiciary was reviewing the bail request. it conducts a statement by the president that the two grads would be released in days if they paid $500,000 bail each. we want to go to sal, are you starting in alameda, sal? well we will update the situation in alameda pam and dave. the tube that goes from alameda to oakland is not affected so if you are going to alameda, you will be affected if you are
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going from alameda to oakland you should be able to drive there which is the drive commute this morning. let's look westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze. no major problems with the mcarthur maze. this morning's drive to work at the bay bridge looks good at san francisco. if you are driving in the south bay, northbound 280 is off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, coastal fog is moving in and starting to get chewed up on the sonoma coast but on shore, gusts are at 30 already. it would not surprise me one bit. now the fog should peel back as it loses some support but it will be a breezy day so today looks like a cool pattern as the low settles in around the coast. it will be a chilly blustery day breezy and cool even low
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clouds are making it well inland and it will be sunny and breezy just a couple of days ago they were in the 90s. really intense thunderstorms in southern california big lightning show, big lightning in palm springs. palm dale had four inches of rain yesterday. and also closer to home things are collapsing falling apart at night it should start to degrees over the next couple of days as the low moves out and the drier air moves in from the west. 50s for everybody here. san jose, 58 west southwest that is like a 30 miles per hour wind for them west southwest anyway you slice it, it will be a cool breezy day today. thunderstorms continue to push off as this system comes in
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fall-like pattern no doubt about it and at least the coast should get more sun than they have had lately as the system moves in and they will begin to break it up. windy at times, 70s inland, some 80s and across most locations they will come down to mid-to-upper 70s. a cool fair day at fairfield, a lot of 60s and 50s even closer to the coast and bay. a blustery cool day, things start to turn around a little bit. sunday looks warmer and we will carry that to monday as well. -- a rare honor at the white house for a war hero. a very brave marine talking about the tragedy that led to his heroics. something terrifying found on a busy area street, important questions that still need to be answered. good morning if you are driving on area roadways, we
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have an update coming up on the service disruption overnight. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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. welcome back time now 5:12 police want to know who left two containers filled explosive and clean up was found under the third street bridge.
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police closed down and immediately called in the bomb squad. one container was red one was black. it had a two-inch wick sticking out of the top. they both contained a mysterious white powder which could have caused a dangerous fire and luckily nobody was hurt. news this morning leaders of britain and france have arrived to meet with libya's new leaders. the u.s. has sent the state department officials who is talking about the role there. allison. >> reporter: that's right, this is french president nicolas sarkozy and david cameron who played a leading role to topple muammar gaddafi forces now they are meeting with libyans new interim leader.
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earlier at tripoli's biggest hospital, the secretary of state jeffery feldman saw the price of revolution up close. he is the highest ranking u.s. official to visit libya and he said reporters were inspiring. >> the hospital was a reminder of the cost because you saw young men in there whose crime was to raise the flag and they got shot by snipers. >> reporter: the war is not over yet and muammar gaddafi's whereabouts are still not known and a man who identified himself says the struggle will continue for years but there will be no combat presence on the ground. reporting live allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. just a couple of hours president barack obama will present the metal of armor to a u.s. marine. he will be the first living
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marine to get this. he ran through during a fire fight in afghan san two years ago however this marine does not call himself a hero. >> anybody who receives the medal of honor and we are still here to talk about it, it is a great honor but there was a huge price that was paid for it. >> he ultimately saved the lives of 13 u.s. marines and soldiers but several servicemen and afghan soldiers died in that fire fight. u.s. schools have a military friendly environment. they ranked schools for their efforts to offer financial support to veterans. there are 7,000 colleges in universities offering programs designed for veterans. this is the second consecutive year and stanford is also on
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the list this year. they will consider a new dramatic proposal to raise tuition. this is the second day they are meeting at the mission bay campus. they will raise it by at least 8% for even as much as 16% every year through 2016. yesterday it was workers who were upset and they say top executives are well paid while many of them are living in poverty. >> they just speak about themselves. they keep the area running too. >> at the meeting you see the president says talks are going on with the workers and he hopes an agreement will be reached soon. northeastern firefighters in minnesota are trying to keep a fire from destroying homes.
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rain gave some relief but residents in the community have voluntarily evacuated. they are bracing for when it is warmer and drier and those conditions are expected to be back. firefighters are close to containing several wildfires there. containment is expected saturday for a fire that has burned 27,000 acres. they are evacuating another area and another fire in hatch county is burning 5 conspiracy and another fire is 6 5% contained. there was a derailment in san jose near the children's
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discovery museum overnight which happened at 2:00 a.m. let's go to the map it happened on west san carlos street. let's bring in a spokesperson, good morning brandy. >> good morning. >> reporter: this morning, we had workers who were able to get that train back on track, tell us how this was affecting service? >> well the good news it is not affecting service this morning. like you said our last service train had one of the wheel sets came off the track but the good news, they have been able to tow that train back to the yard and it will not impact service today. >>reporter: the tracks themselves were not damaged? i know this is a busy interchange where all the trains make that turn on the freeway, that will not affect the trains through there? >> no we have crews working making sure operations are
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running smoothly. >> reporter: one last thing, the derailment was anybody hurt or was the train severely damaged do you know any of this? >> no there were six passengers on the train but we were able to have them boarded dashboarded onto another train and they were able to get them to their destination safely. >> reporter: as you heard her say, you can rely on them on the commute and this is not affecting any of the streets nearby either in fact they have cleared the scene. let's go to the live picture of interstate 880. traffic looks good in oakland, no major problems passed the coliseum. at the bay bridge plaza, no major delays 80 westbound looks nice and a lot of the commute is doing well this morning. let's go to steve. thank you sir, cool, cool temperatures will bottom out
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and it does look warmer and today and tomorrow we will lean on the clouds plus cooler sunny and breezy out to the delta. a cooling trends continues friday and we start to turn that around and getting warmer with less fog as we get towards the weekend although that fog bank is hanging in there and it looks like it will decrease along the sonoma coast but it has made it into inland valleys. a cool forecast as the system develops into the pacific northwest, along the coast, chilly windy at times. breezy and cool sunny and breezy inland areas but only 60s and 70s for many. lots of thunder and lightning in palm dale and things have moved off towards the east. 50s on the temperatures fog low clouds and very low clouds.
5:22 am
54 red wood city, overcast and ever 8 west southwest at fairfield gusting to 30s everybody is out of the west and west southwest, low clouds are there all because of that system moving into the north and it will fall apart as it gets closer. it is ushering a cooler pattern which should wipe out the fog. breezy sunny for many and temperatures will be held down, 50s and 60s coast and bay with only a few low 80s. we start to thirteen things around -- we start to turn things around especiallien land. -- especially inland. greece will not default on its debts any time soon and
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overnight japan's nike rose 1.7%. south korea rose only 1.5%. the greek prime minister tells german and french leaders he will honor his commitment to enacting reforms. this morning the early indications for the stock market, new york stock exchange dow jones industrial average nasdaq indicating more gains following yesterday, dow jones industrial average up 140 points. reports of fraud involving the largest bank in switzerland and how it will be affected this morning stay tuned. how it could affect baseball defending world champions, we will explain stay tuned. their favorite cereals
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. welcome back now 5:25 more details from the san francisco giants about the surprising change at the top's front office. the ceo will not return to that role next season and larry bear will replace him. he has been battling with the giant's executive committee on how to spend the millions that comes with being the world champions. they are looking at how this shake up will affect the team and the new ceo will talk to
5:27 am
reporters this morning. they are taking a $2 billion loss this morning because of a rogue trader. we are learning a 31-year-old man was arrested in london on suspicion of fraud. it is still under investigation but no customer money was affected. more bad news could be a head and they could report a loss for the entire third quarter as a result of that trade. in nasa, some residents there have no water and it is not the first time. the foreclosure crisis hitting oakland hard, the reason people soon could be forced out of their home. the crash in alameda has closed one of the major ways to get on and off the island, is it still closed? we will tell you more coming up. state farm. this is jessica.
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. goods morning to you this is ktvu channel 2 news already thursday september 15th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, what is the weather looking like? here is steve. usual suspects out towards the area picking up the strong sea breeze and after the clouds burn off 50s and 60s and 70s for some. traffic looks good on the shore. on the eastbound traffic moving
5:31 am
well heading up to the mcarthur maze, at 5:30 let's going gback to the desk. >> sal, thank you, we have an update on a developing story we first told you about this morning, the webster street tube just opened following a crash. the police are searching for one of the drivers, good morning. >> reporter: yes, take a look at this good news if you use the webster tube, they were able to clear up the seam just a few -- scene just a few moments ago and the investigation still continues because they are still looking for the person behind the wheel. let's show you what it looked like minutes ago when this accident happened. what police believe happened is that the driver of the black car you are looking at was coming to the tube and they believe that driver was speeding spun out hit a couple of walls in the tube and the car came to a stop right at the
5:32 am
exit of the tube in alameda. whoever was in that car took off leaving that car in the middle of the roadway still when the next car came through it hit that car and caused that to spin out again. i talked with the driver who hit that abandon car he was shaken up and was able to drive his vehicle away. they did their investigation and a tow truck got everything cleaned up so traffic could move through here again. at this point good news is traffic is going through the tube once again and investigation is continuing and all we know is at this car is registered locally. live in alameda ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for suspects in two overnight shootings that may be connected. now the first happened just after midnight on hawley in east oakland. the victims staggered into a home after being hit by gunfire. no word on his condition.
5:33 am
just 90 minutes later, police discovered another shooting victim and they believe he was shot elsewhere and placed at this location. the young man suffered a leg wound and police will not say why the two shootings will be related. it is hitting oakland hard, it is not just homeowners who are losing big, tara moriarty? >> reporter: the city of oakland stands to lose $3 million that is from the year 2008 until the end of next year and that's because of the loss of the property taxes as well as trying to clean up all of those foreclosed homes. right now we will take a look at a map which shows you areas hardest hit. the east oakland neighborhood is expected to lose more than $700 million in property values after more than 4800
5:34 am
foreclosures. now behind they cover sections of the district and now this report is unique because it is the first time researchers have isolated neighborhoods and projections were drawn from realty tracks. it shows property values overall to drop by $12 billion and that's a total of 28,000 homes which have slipped into foreclosure over that for you year timeframe. coming up we will talk to homeowners about the foreclosure crisis and to find out what solutions are being offered. live in oakland tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. controversy is brewing in san francisco neighborhood over a homeowner's remodeling plans. now the property in question, the chronicle report says after the remodel the owner plans to rent it to the nonprofit recovery survival network. the group helps ex-offenders and others transition back into
5:35 am
society but the area has it's fair share of single room single occupancy homes and the other area in transition is about to open. supreme court justice will be speaking in san francisco tonight at the hastings school of law she will also have quite a story to tell about her journey from d.c. to the area and we will have a story about a pilot who forced an evacuation. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton arrived and will deliver the key note speech. the coal of summit is to help went through out the pacific gain access to capital markets and leadership jobs. >> we are in the united states and we certainly have a leadership role in terms of women being represented but there is more we want to see
5:36 am
take place. >> some 3,000 delegates are attending and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton's key note speech comes tomorrow morning at 9:00. they are without water fooling water-main -- water- main break. crews are repaired. it is a work in progress. the city is providing water but homeowners say it has been a frustrating few days. >> you can't brush your teeth because there is no water and you can't take a shower or do your laundry or anything so it makes life a little challenging. >> next week napa city council will vote on a water rate hike to help pay for maintenance. the city's crime rate has dropped to a 15 year low. chief robert credits neighborhood watch groups as one reason for that
5:37 am
neighborhood decline however they say one reason is because crime is under reported in vallejo. they are on track with a statewide trend and a new report says violent crimes are at their lowest level since 1968. sal is checking some of the busiest areas, sal? yes we are looking for troubled spots out there and we found a couple of things that might show you down. first of all let's look at some of these commutes. on the sunole grade we don't have any slow traffic here and traffic continues to move along relatively well in the south bay even getting to it but they had road work picking up in east bay and south bay areas. let's move along and take a look at the commute if you are driving on interstate 880 and that traffic is moving along very nicely with no major problems. this morning's commute is looking good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza
5:38 am
and they have picked up the road work on the eastbound freeways and here it is 5:30 most of the lanes have now been reopened. let's go to steve. good morning everybody, by the way if you are getting any drizzle or strong winds you can always tweet me and give me weather information. great stuff coming in, it really does help especially if you are getting any mist out. there are a lot of low clouds around. coastal fog and making a surge, it will peel back to the coast and it might even get chewed up as some cooler air moves in. it is picking up 20 - 30 miles per hour so it will be a cool blustery day and another area of low pressure on the southern end of it and it has picked up the breeze and it will be a chilly breezy day.
5:39 am
after the fog precisian cool with at the -- breezy and cool with a lot of 70s. it was a really active day from palm dale to palm springs in big bear so may be wraparound las vegas had rain yesterday. red wood city 57 san jose, southwest fairfield at 23 gusts at 30, they are done it is over mid-70s for fairfield, even out to vacaville southwest 12, a delta breeze is in full force and all because of that system. i will get out of way. that is moving in and it will not give us much as far as clouds. it is really ramping up that fog and windy at times, 60s and 70s a lot of 70s inland not now. now it looks like after today it will start to warm up but the next couple of days it will start to warm up very fall-
5:40 am
like. in some locations these will be below average temperatures and more of the same on friday with your weekend always in view, i think you will notice it more on sunday than monday. one bay area city is trying to cope with low police staffing and what they are considering to get more police on the streets. how pets are involved in a scam targeting passengers.
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. good morning, a very cool pattern over us also 50s and 60s it does look warmer as we head towards the weekend. here is a quick look at
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5:42, the webster street tube that connected alameda -- connects alameda has just reopened. police are out there searching for one of the drivers who fled this crash scene. a recent series of dog attacks, most of the attacks have been big dogs biting small dogs however people have you everred minor injuries from those aggressive dogs. french president nicolas sarkozy are both in libya, they are the first world leaders to visit libya since rebels took control of the capital. the airport says scammers have been sending phony e-mails offering to ship pets overseas. the e-mail asks people to send
5:44 am
money for pet evacuate nations. -- pet vaccinations. if you get any e-mail like this, delete it. supreme court justice will -- supreme court justice will speak this evening. she will be interviewed by a professor and answer questions from law students. the topics equal free speech and equal protection and made a comment about the plane scare we had been talking about. she and other passengers arrived safely and security escorted the justice away from our cameras but the original flight stopped when smoke came out of the engines. the plane had to slide down the emergency shoots including a mother clutching her newborn baby. acting commerce secretary was also on that flight but she too was not injured. one single senator's
5:45 am
objections could force a partial shut down this weekend for the federal aviation. thousands would loose their jobs and the government will shoes 30,000 dollars a day in uncollected airline taxes. oklahoma republican tom coburn wants to revise a disaster aid legislation first. time now 5:44 general motors and chrysler failed to work out an agreement last night gm broke off negotiations but should resume at 5:00 this morning pacific time. however there is no threat of a strike. leaders agreed not to walk out as a condition of bailouts. back here, governor jerry brown will veto many of the bills sitting on his desk.
5:46 am
he is not saying which ones he will reject but he is focused on common-sense laws that will not add to the budget problems. he has until october 9th to make a decision. changes could come as the city looks for ways to increase its staff. the examiner reports 21 officers make up the police force. outsources is one option consider leaders have considering and another option is to hire more officers but the top priority is to hire a police chief. the interim police chief also works part-time. time now two bay area teens add iphone apt developer to their college makes. they were honored last night in fremont and they created the first iphone app for a school district. both were students at mission
5:47 am
san jose high school and they were excited to see their project become an actual app. >> it was absolutely awesome. i love talking about stuff i work on and especially when it helps my community. it is cool to see a dream we both had realize and finally come to culmination tonight. >> well it was created for the fremont unidentified school district and it allows them to get information about the school district on their phones. number 17 will be retired and that ceremony will take place during a home game in january and that's if the nba labor distribute does not disrupt the season. he also worked in the warrior front office for several years. congratulations. >> he was a deadly shooter too. time now 5:46 sal is a nice guy, he knows all about your
5:48 am
commute. >> i just hope they play. it is not looking good right now. >> fans will be irritated. >> or they will be gone. let's go out and take a look at the commute. the road work we had is gone westbound so the lanes are completely open and we have been looking for a couple of minor things here and there and of course we always find something to tell you about because the roads are getting busy and traffic will be backed up for at least a little bit. this morning's commute will be okay if you are driving in the south bay but we do have a crash on the left shoulder. it is a troubled spot before large avenue. motorcycle down and the rider got up and is walking around but minor injuries and watch out for the fire crews. northbound 17 is slow passed the scene because they are
5:49 am
looking at the emergency vehicles and the flashing lights. 5:48 let's go to steve. we have a cooler pattern today and tomorrow, it will feel very fall-like, look for a lot of clouds and fog. now the fog should start to get chewed up and in the valley they are cooling off and supporting the fog. more of the same tomorrow, the weekend clearing out may be a little less fog but nothing like we are seeing tomorrow. it will start to warm up more so on sunday. there is a lot of fog out there and a strong westerly winds as well -- westerly wind as well. cold front moving in, a cooling trends will take us into friday and we will start to see a rebound on saturday as it begins to warm up and it looks like we will continue with the west wind. very strong in southern california lots of reports of flooding and lightning, in palm
5:50 am
dale they had four inches of rain. that is a lot of rain on the high dessert. 50s on the temperatures and not only do we have low clouds but a strong sea breeze for many. overcast conditions all the way down to san jose. they have blustery conditions there. they are reporting low clouds and fog. but fairfield gusting to 30s and that is flying through the delta all the way to sacramento. we'll see that system moving through in mendocino and that will cool those folks down as well, a lot of 70s inland. fog sun cooler and after that fog burns off, it should burn off for the coast, 50s and 60s there and 70s and few 80s inland but a lot of 70s. with your weekend always in
5:51 am
view fog starts to get chewed up and then much more so inland sunday and monday. signs this morning that the economy may be getting worse, 20 minutes ago the labor department released the latest, they show benefit applications jumped to 48,000 last week and that's the highest level in three months. another sign, oil prices fell towards $88 a barrel in asia this morning. and services is lawn -- verizon is launching its first prepaid phone with web access. it will run $50 a month. previous plans offered services and metro offered prepaid services only $40 a month and verizon is hoping to capture those customers.
5:52 am
they still don't know what it was, what flashed across the california kind and this was not an man nation. several -- imagination. >> several have to finds a new place to live this morning, stay tuned. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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housing after a condo fire in san jose. it happened on bear valley lane not far from interstate 680. now the fire started 3:00 yesterday afternoon. one man went to the hospital with second degree burns to his legs and another person was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. the fire department estimates damages will be more than $1 million but the cause of that fire is still being investigated. some of the texas fires who have been battling those devastating wildfires are now homeless themselves. 28 firefighters lost their own houses. that fire is the biggest one burning in the state. it destroyed 34,000 acres and more than 1,500 homes. the fire is more than 0% couldn't -- 30% contained and stronger flare-ups may cause
5:56 am
fires. they are worried they will not get a buyout. residents in new jersey say their homes were damaged during the hurricane. in july fema awarded new jersey $48 million partially for buy outs but there is no guarantee everybody will get one. hundreds asked for a buyout after hurricane floyd but only 40 families received help. a new discovery by the keptel letter mission and it is the first one capable of finding oath sized map -- earth sized plan nets that can hold life. they are going to talk about the discovery this morning. it was most likely a fireball or a media. it centered the earth's atmosphere and many saw the
5:57 am
light at 7:45 last night. scientists believe the fireball disintegrated before it hit the ground. >> let's hope it did. sal though is for real, he knows everything about our commute, sal? if you are driving northbound 208 traffic looks good getting -- 280 traffic looks good. 680 southbound that traffic looks good getting out to the bottom of the hill. if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is already a little bit of a backup. coming up next at 6:00 this morning, a major bay area road set down, sal has been talking about that, what happened in the tube connecting oakland and alameda just hours ago. what they are revealing
5:58 am
about their pipeline testing standards. a cool westerly breeze, how will that affect temperatures, we will show you to you coming up. -- we will show that to you coming up. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t.
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. a crash inside one of the tubes leaves questions about who was driving this car. we will let you know revealing the staggering new statistics. a dangerous dog attack inside a park... berkeley grads detained in iran, when their lawyers are expected to hear news about a possible release, ktvu channel 2 news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news morning news. good morning to you, welcome to thursday september 15thth, i am dave clark. >> thank you. i am pam cook, let's talk to steve about the weather, hello steve. it has moved far inland and that tells us it is going to


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